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Stein Products Rigging Box 2 Box Contains RC1000

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Product Description

This Rigging Box contains the minimum components to assemble a configured rigging system. Due to the mass variables involved in Rigging we do not show a WLL for this box. It is recommended that the purchaser holds a CS41 Tree Rigging & Dismantling Unit certification. It is also recommended that the purchaser has read and understood the HSE Rigging Research which is available from the HSE Website and also has a copy of the TCIA Publication “Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture” (SS-2BK001)


QTY Part Number Description
1 SS-RC1000 STEIN RC1000 Lowering Device
1 SS-RCP6004 STEIN RC Mounting Strap 5m
1 EB-R1-12-30-050-P00 12mm EB Braid Rigging Line
1 EB-F1-20-50-005-S50 20mm EB Braid Multi-Sling
1 EB-F1-16-40-005-S50 16mm EB Braid Multi-Sling
1 IS-RP051 ISC Small Cast Pulley
1 Plastic Storage Box




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