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Pre-Tension Pulley

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Product Description

The RC-3100  Pre-Tension pulley has been designed to work in conjunction with the range of RC Lowering Devices.
Simply attach a prusik to the main rigging line attach the pulley to the prusik place a couple of wraps around the lowering device then
loop up to the pulley; you now have a simple 3:1 ratio tensioning system which can easily be loaded, tensioned, and removed single handed.


SS-RC3100_C_150  SS-RC3100_D_150




Length: 157mm
Width: 62mm
Height: 105mm
Weight (grams): 650
Cheek Material: Aluminium
Wheel Material: Aluminium
Min Breaking Strength (MBS): 20kN
Working Load Limit (WLL): 4kN
Approved Standard: Not for PPE
Finish: Annodised
Quality: Inspected & proof tested
Serial Number: Individual Numbering


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