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ART Lockjack Sport Swivel

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Product Description

Ten years ago this was a revolution. Today it is a device that many tree care experts never want to be wi without again! By inventing the Lockjack Hubert Kowalewski has effectively influenced the development of tree climbing. The Lockjack comes as a comfortable, efficient and easy to handle device for tree climbers all over the world.

The Lockjack Sport offers every climber, beginner or pro, a safe, dynamic and energy saving climbing in trees. Using footlock technique or foot ascenders the Lockjack always allows for elegant ascent on the climbing line or along the trunk. In the tree crown a one-handed pull on the rope is enough to manage a permanently tight rope. While ascending on a rope with no load climbers easily feed the rope from top with one hand through the rope duct.

Climbing above 20 meters with a Ropeguide at the anchor point the climbing line tightens by its own weight alone. That’s how smoothly the rope runs through the Lockjack and still it blocks automatically and safely with any impact.

In combination with a Ropeguide the Lockjack Sport has in recent years much added to the efforts in establishing an efficient as well as safe climbing style. Climbing with a system that is steadily being reached over while tightening finally prevailed. The long twin-versions “Steel” and “Dyneema” have therefore proven dispensable and are not available anymore.

The positive experience and feedback of the trainers with the Munich Tree Climbing Academy (Mnchner Baumkletterschule) concerning the Lockjack Sport as well as the enthusiasm of their students speak for themselves!

New: All components are premium colour coded, anodised and laser engraved.




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