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Arbpro LD1 Rigging Winch System

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LD1 Rigging Winch System is a trunk mounted Winch & Friction device for tree rigging, lifting and lowering operations.

Having the ability to lift a large branch, stem, or to pre-tension loads with the winch the operator can drastically reduce the dynamic shock-loading on the rigging system and anchor points that can be generated during tree removal rigging operations.


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Product Description

Featuring a high performance Harken winch and a sturdy rigging bollard, the LD1 Rigging-System provides efficient support in rigging operations. Winch and bollard can be installed and used interchangeably. The one-way rope clutch holds the load locked off and helps swapping the winch out for the friction bollard. It can be mounted to the main frame. Shipment includes three fastening straps. The LD1 follows the provisions of the machinery directive 2006/42/CE

• Steel Main Frame: 15 kg
• Welded Parts
• 40:1 Harken-Winch: 6,3 kg
• Rigging Bollard Ø 140 mm: 11 kg
• Breaking Strength with Clutch: 4900 kg
• Safe Working Load with Winch: 800 kg
• Safe Working Load with Bollard: 1000 kg
• Rigging Rope Ø 12 – 16 mm